Delivery Service

- Online Shopping or equipment for those who want to spend too much for Yangon 100% Home Delivery Services (Door to Door Services System.)

- Problemclean Delivery Service members from the services consumed by sending discount of 50% is available.

- Items sent from the sender Problemc lean service received from a dedication to send it to the customer.

- Problemclean service degradation, if you have lost 100% fully responsible for the load.

- However, getting anywhere in any materials sent within 48 hours.

- Outside Town supplied materials, He shouts at us for our products Problemclean Service saved $ 1 ($ 1) must become Extra Charges.

- Items that can be sent to enter go to the bus station and transported home.

- Channel delivery Customers also bus transport.

- Items affecting fragile packaged services such price differences.

- Problemclean service clients until done for ransom by phone communication device enabled as required.

- Except for money to be sent home more than $ 50,000 that family remittances 1 $ (1 dollar) kyat equivalent service as your partners.

- Highway Leads stops Shipment folded item 1 $ (1 dollar) kyat equivalent must lead.

- Member one week one time billing system is available with service.

- Ordinary customers, many products come with a payment or ATM payment.

- Work side to be sent to specific addresses, The phone number and name of the nearest bus stop and need to be prepared a day in advance said.

- The place of work, but from Customer canceled if the work must be delivered cost-push.

- Wrong Address Non material error and the mistakes occurred from clients who must take responsibility.

- Problemclean Service If you want to connect and transport needs about two days in advance.

- Friends, With a friend or girlfriend Surprise Gift Birthday Gift spontaneous Great Satisfied incur available services. (Required passed back to clients within 24 hours.)

Intercity bus terminal at B + value + weight + bank b = enter money transfer

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