Terms and conditions of use

User Agreement, Privacy Notice and regulations ....

Words taken from us, service ,Application Tool use published

Follow the rules to configure rules and in cooperation agreement

Entry has been placed.

So our users to connect words and regulations issued

     must adhere strictly.

You purchased service mandate imposed laws based on careful balance

eeds to be marked as read.
Law and brother were not allowed to sell products and expired items receives.

Authenticated Quality, types of items that will be allowed to sell only a recommendation.

Must submit the required certificate.

Negative effects caused by the material must accept responsibility resolved words collected service in

     places with hiring equire new policies and regulations will be issued when new needs and changing
     draws attention to the need to read and accept.

Defined each country's regulations before the land was not to work with me and coor contract are limited.

If anyone has on us service which is not available.

Words recognized certain set times that require changes to the site and weteam recognition

     must be accepted.
Online or offline, whether you or any services ( "Additional agreements") is required to enter into a

     eparate agreement with our.

Our policy and can not abide by the rules issued by our services should not be used.

Services mandate ....

Retrieve some service you need to register for our team goes.

Other cases, users (or any features within the services) of access restricted use, mandate

     without notice.

Services (for any service features) with different areas countries will vary.

No warranty or representation, especially a service feature (or) services of the same type

     and range of tasks and obtain users tag.

Our only limit, from different users

With respect ....

Must be at least 18 adults sink.

Contact ransom  accuracy of information which Email-Address and must have a phone number.

Items you want to sell signup pinnacle level regarding identification pinnacle of service suppliers must

     obtain services.
Item of error signup crash on responsibility must be based on a specific asset level agreements.

International rules and are not allowed to sell items that infringe illegal.

Expiration dangerous chemicals are not allowed to sell drugs.

Swears measure, product advertising, lottery sight words dishonor (Chat Box) is not allowed to speak.

Copyright if you have items of equipment and other assets in our land side information check out items

     that are not allowed to sell.

Having to keep your personal information, our responsibility.

Page using your own code number issued by dealers, Allows transactions.

Guarantee your purchase and select material rating, detail use and promotion and / please read the

     information carefully to avoid.

You want to purchase products in the Discount Program and Delivery Service our sales organization

     issued preferred buyer package service available.

Seller directly and purchase any items in our side service is not responsible for error.

From purchased materials and services from our errors and delay things complain to if problems arise

     anyway get resolved.

Items you have bought pinnacle of ratings depends on available solutions.

Any violation of these terms must be accepted by our Terms issued action.

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