Advance Membership(seller Account)

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Advance Membership (ေရာင္းခ်သူ)

Advance Membership

Monthly $50 (Dollor 50) Supplier. Board service available.

Services are available _

Page place to sell within six months (180 days

exactly)available.(Under $ 100 Itmes)

Able to load custom, Price change of sales by product type.

Who consistently answers the operator for giving a reply.

Facebook advertising creates order and watching You-tube

      videos and level.

Delivery Service available.

International online marketing products who have made an

      online purchase thousands.

Information distribution can be made available and rapid

      sales.each type of material within.

Page simply send a photo and details of prices added.

Overthrow uploading product price corrections and installation

      and training six Board Members for making the service twice.

Six three Board Members items on display exactly right.

Page Applications User Guide video of courses available.

Planning for new plans to sell on Amazon Website.

Arranging new website also plans to sell on Ebay.

Post pictures and more product categories will be in the $50.00 rate.

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