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  • Patented Technology. Advanced electronic pistol grip torque wrench designed for high torque assembly applications.
  • High degree of accuracy (+/-2.8%) and repeatability (+/-2%) controlled by our legendary gearbox and an advanced AC Servo motor.
  • Capable of data collection, torque/angle measurement – E-RAD SERIES offer an affordable solution for electronic bolting needs.
  • Bluetooth capability allows for use with a RAD Smart Socket.
  • Includes a console module with a digital readout.
Car Accessories

When you're heading down the internet superhighway in search of car accessories, make sure your first stop is AutoAnything. You'll discover a site loaded with a huge selection featuring all the top brand car accessories, with everything from air filters to Zymol car waxes. But that's just part of the story, because you can pick up all of our car accessories knowing you're getting the best price. Because, all of our car accessories carry our 1-year lower price guarantee. And with countless reviews on CAR accessories, you’ll discover real experiences from real customers like you.

Mobile Accessoires

Mobile phone accessories include any hardware or software that is not integral to the operation of a mobile phone as designed by the manufacturer.

Laptop & Accessories

Just bought a laptop for yourself? How about some stylish accessories? Laptop accessories greatly enhance user experience. But, make sure you buy them from trusted sources or brands, so that your gadget lives longer. Be it an adapter, a charger, batteries or even a laptop carrying case, it has to be a good quality, branded accessory.

With the deluge of branded gizmos being launched in the market, there are even more brands that offer accessories for an enhanced experience. There are certain brands that are dedicated to creating unique accessories for desktops, laptops, notebooks etc. Here, at Amazon.in, we offer a wide array of some of the best laptop accessories to complement your gadget as well as maintain and protect it. We offer laptop and notebook accessories from well-known brands like Targus, Belkin, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Case Logic, Wildcraft, Fastrack, American Tourister and more.

Check out our laptop backpacks, laptop sleeves and many such accessories to keep your laptops and notebooks protected. Besides, there are chargers, batteries, surge protectors for laptop. You can even buy a foldable laptop table for placing the gadget comfortably while you use it. Another useful accessory is a cooling fan for laptops. Keep your gadgets looking brand new even after prolonged use, with the screen and keypad protectors that you'll find at Amazon.in. With such a huge variety, we're sure it's confusing to decide on what exactly is best for your gadget. Visit Amazon.in and let us help you choose an accessory that's compatible with your gadget and most importantly, one that you actually need. Buy laptop accessories online and get great discounts on them!

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 World has coolest easiest help maintain Drone.  Drone large part consists of 360 Degree 3D Stunt.


 Computer; Laptop; Portable EVD & DVD, Mobile phone, tablet, and the joint use.  Coconut palm ...... Cotton and fro .. absolutely Big speaker


 Bicycle bicycling habits as possible so refreshing fresh from high durable models

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 Computer; Laptop; Portable EVD & DVD and an associate.  SD Card Stick together both sites available.


  Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tablet and Bluetooth connectivity for joint use.   Stick SD card I use both sites and volumes.


 Function, menu, volume + / -, next, play, phone accept, AuX Button contain.  If Phone via speaker phone can hold.


 Stainless Steel dike just a single defense and security stooge.


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"Rose" is not a Royal Belgian bringing means a flower.

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